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AudioClass System (ACS)

Colombia is home to more than 2 million Venezuelan migrants and refugees who fled their homes due to economic hardships and political strife. Due to continual family movement, teen migrants and refugees are at risk of dropping out or are currently out of the school system. 
Due to the existing circumstances, in partnership with the International Rescue Committee Colombia team, we developed AudioClass System (ACS) that utilizes the chatbot to deliver supplementary education to children using a phone or tablet. The educational content was modeled after the Caminar en Secundaria curriculum and is recognized by the Ministry of National Education. 

ACS was designed to boost learning by diversifying how the content is delivered and how teachers effectively allocate their efforts in and out of the classroom setting. The program has accelerated the students' learning outcomes by completing the program within one year.


The program is currently being piloted with students in grades 6-9 in the Medellin, Soacha, and Cali regions.

Watch the video to learn more about ACS:

Current Features

A platform and an interaction-conversation structure [co-designed UI flow]

Our Partners

-Country team: Colombia, International Rescue Committee
Strategy, research, and behavioral insights: Airbel Impact Lab, International Rescue Committee
Developers: Weni

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